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What Curse???

It’s OVER!!  After 87 long years, our Sox are once again World Series Champions!!  The 1917 flag over Cellular One Ballpark will no longer fly alone.  The boys are bringing a 2005 flag to the park, a hard won and most well deserved 2005 flag!!  I’m still overcome by emotion and absolutely ******* ecstatic!!  This year had its moments, times when it looked like it all might fade away on the wind, but they always pulled it back together!

There is a scary trend here, though, my friends.  Last year the Botox Bosox, this year is our year, does that mean the CUBS are next??  God forbid!!  But the Sox curse is now put to rest, and Shoeless Joe can rest in peace.  Hats off to the 2005 White Sox World Series Champions!!


2005 Game 2

Here we are at Game 2, and things are not going for us at the moment.  I didn’t think they’d play at first, with it raining the way it was.  Now the Astros are up 1-0 in the top of the 2nd.  And in the bottom of the 2nd, they come back to make it 1-2!!  Go Go Sox!!

Another tie up…how do the **** Astros keep doing this?  Good, Sox have a man on third, but with 2 outs..excuse me while I start chewing my nails again…

Still 2-2 in the top of the 5th.   Then the Astros go up 4-2, what the **** is going on?  They keep letting the Astros get back in the game, not the way to win!  Uribe freezes up?  ****, that’s just pure  ****! And then Iguchi gets picked off…they’re ******* the game away!  And on the replay it looked close, guess that’s why the umps get paid the bucks…  Let’s see bottom of the 7th, they’d better get MOVING if they are going to win this freakin game!

And Paulie Konerko smacks a GRAND SLAM!!! After going 0 fer 3 tonight, he PARKS one!!  Way to go!!!  And then they tie it up AGAIN!!

What’s up with Jenks, throwing nothing but junk???   Bottom ninth…. HOLY ****, Posednik slams a walk off homer!!!   Interesting tidbit… 11 of last 12 teams to go up 2 games to 0 have gone on to win the series…. COULD THIS BE THE YEAR????   You know Shoeless Joe is rooting for them too!!!

Game 1 2005 World Series

   Here we are, in the World Series for the first time since 1959!!!  Sox fans have waited, hoping against hope every year, and it has finally paid off.  I can’t believe I’m watching my beloved Sox playing for the title of 2005 World Series champion!!

   This game had me biting my nails most of the time.  It seemed every time we scored, the Astros found their motivation again.  It was nice seeing Clemens get popped and having to leave the game. If he’s hurt enough not to play, that really hurts the Astros, but is a big help to us! It was nice to see Crede and Uribe playing in top form and like a well oiled machine.  This team really has the potential to take it all this year…   Now I’m anxiously awaiting Game 2 tonight..dare we pray for a sweep?