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Goodbye Big Hurt!!

Well, it’s the end of an era. Frank Thomas (aka The Big Hurt) has left the White Sox, a team I thought he would finish his career playing for. Alas, with all the injuries and personal life distractions he has had the last few years, this move may be for the best. I will watch his time with the A’s with interest.

Aquiring Thome and shedding Thomas are probably the biggest moves we’ll see this offseason, both good. I’ll miss Frank, but he was sitting more than hitting, and his salary is better spent on some younger talent.


Come Chat!!!

Okay, I have a new chat forum open at Pale Hose Nation .  Come sign up (it’s FREE) and let’s talk Sox!! I’ve neglected this over the holidays as I had a lot going on, but I’m back now and not going to get distracted again!