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My fantasy team is played on High Heat 2004.  I’m running the White Sox, pitching, hitting, and managing.  I’m starting to understand just how hard it is to manage sometimes.  Makes you have a little more sympathy for what managers go through, especially when injuries devestate your lineup.  Right now I’m playing the 2004 season, with the White Sox at 16-2 with a slim 2.5 game lead on the dreaded Twins.   Here are the current league standings thus far….

Download standings_1.html

There are many very cool addons that people have created for this sim.  I’ll be playing it until it no longer works on my computer, then I don’t know what I’ll do.  With the creator of HH2k4 (3do) going belly up and Microsoft buying the rights, it pretty much doomed any future versions of this great simulation.  It’s about the closest thing to actually playing in the show….