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Sore Losers?

What the heck was Barrett thinking when he slugged Pierzynski over the weekend?  I haven’t seen such a shameful display of bad sportsmanship in a LONG time!!  A.J. was just going to get his helmet, and Barrett assaults him for no reason. It was just a great play at the plate, and because he didn’t like the call (I’m guessing, but that’s the only plausible explanation) he attacks A. J.  It’s shameful to the sport, and he should have to publicly apologize, and should be suspended for at least 5 games and fined. I don’t think any other option is a choice because then you are saying this kind of behavior is acceptable for the league, and it should not be.

I hope Selig is lucid enough and has his head out long enough to address this issue in the proper manner. He’s done too much damage to this league and should step down in favor of someone competent. My two suggestions for Commissioner would be George Will or Bob Costas. Both know and love the game and would do a great job. Whatever happened to the days when the Commish was supposed to be an outsider with no vested interest in any team?  How many of you believe that Bud has NO dealings with his Brewers any longer? Let’s see a show of hands….


First Post

    This is my new blog, and I’m excited about it.  It is sad that I open this blog the morning after a heartbreaking loss to the Texas Rangers.  I watched the game online through MLB.com and I have to say, it was sad to see.  Sending that rookie back to AAA came a few innings too late.  His performance begs the question as to what he was doing in the show in the first place… 
    A little history before I close this first entry.  I have not been a lifelong White Sox fan. As a kid, I was a Houston Astros fan, until they hosed Nolan Ryan.  At that point, I felt I needed a new team.  A lot of people I knew growing up in Nebraska were Cubs fans at the time.  I guess I chose the White Sox just to be contrary.  But I’ve never wavered since choosing them as "my team."  Going to close now with the hope that the Sox can pick up today’s game in Arlington and erase last night’s horror show.