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First AL Pennant in 46 Years!!!

They have done it!!  The Sox are going to the World Series!!  I have to admit, the final ALCS game against the Angels was a nailbiter for the first 5 innings.  It was like it all went wrong for a little while there…but they bounced back!  I had my doubts about Contreras for a while, but Ozzie proved why he is the manager. And what a manager he’s proved to be.

One question from tonight..who did Escobar think he was fooling with that ******** "oh I put it in my glove" then tagging with an empty glove while tossing the ball to Erstad?  Even the TV guys weren’t fooled for a second, but he thought the ump BEHIND him and in full view of that crappy acting job would be??

Now it’s a wait and see, although I’m pretty sure it will be Houston blowing into the Windy City.  But GO GO SOX!!   This is our year, bask in it…and WIN THE SERIES!!!


Almost There!!

I can’t believe it…we’re ONE game away from the Series!!  The Sox have been playing in spectacular fashion, although I have to admit we got two lucky breaks on ump calls last night.   And both on Posednik, what are the odds?

I’ll be on pins and needles all day today waiting for the game tonight…this most likely will be all she wrote for the Angels 2005 season.  They just can’t seem to get going against our Sox.  Garcia was stellar last night, very focused and intent.  I will post again after the game tonight .  GO SOX!!!!

Get the Broom!!

Woohoo!!  The Sox win their FIRST postseason series since 1917!!   Way to go Pale Hose!!  I was beginning to think I’d never see the day it would happen, and then they go and SWEEEEPPP the Red Sox, finishing them off at Fenway, no less!  Felt good to see them celebrating.  I believe the sweep will fire them up enough to take on either the Angels or the Spankees.  I truly believe they are going ALL THE WAY!  I think they will end up facing the Cards, and yes, they can beat even them.   Remember, the Cards had a better record by only one game….  This is their year….  The curses are falling, Red Sox last year, White Sox this year….and God forbid, the Cubs next year?? Yikes!  I think the Cubs are permanently cursed.  That’s what you get for not letting a goat into the stadium…*snicker* 

This has got to be the best, most exciting three games I’ve ever watched the Sox play, and the next series wil be even better, I’m sure! And the World Series?  Can’t even begin to think about that right now…for now it’s Anaheim or New York.   Not sure who I would rather have the White Sox face, but I’m sure they can handle either one.   

Here We Go!

Well, they’re in the playoffs…. My boss is a Red Sox fan so this should be a VERY interesting week.  I think they can make it past the Red Sox, it’s the Yankees or Angels that worry me.  I’m afraid the Sox are running out of steam.  And for those who say a true fan isn’t critical, that’s not true.  A TRUE fan is both critical and honest about the team.  Only a blind fanatic doesn’t see the good and the not so good.  And blind fanatics live in a fantasy world.

I have to work today, so I’ll be catching the score on my phone.  Yes, I’m that addicted! But hey, it’s the PLAYOFFS!!!


Well, our Sox have managed to clinch the division title, and with the best record in the AL, no less.  Amazing that they managed to accomplish that while watching a 15 game lead from August 1st vaporize into a mere 3 games a little over a month later.   Don’t know what happened, but I’m glad they managed to hang on.

So, for the first time in a LONG time, I get to watch the White Sox enter the post-season. Hopefully a Series ring is in the near future, but I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet.  I’m waiting until they get through the first round of the playoffs…. 

Chernobyl Arrives!!

Well, the meltdown has finally arrived!!  I was hoping against hope that they could keep the run up, but it just wasn’t to be.  The mighty White Sox have pissed away a 15 (FIFTEEN **** GAMES!!) lead in a little over a month.  I guess that might be what they can be proud of this year, I doubt many leads have vanished that quickly…

Where is the team they had from April 1 to Aug 1?  Are they all in hiding letting some other wannabes wear their uniforms and play their games for them?  It just can’t be a team that was smokin hot from the gate this year is now losing 8 of the last 11 games.  I watched the game against the Tribe last night and those were NOT the White Sox I watched earlier this season.  What kind of **** is this?  All that talent and great playing doesn’t just waft away on the breeze.  I’d love to hear from the players and Ozzie what the **** happened, but they aren’t talking…..