Paulie’s Back!!

My greatest fear in the offseason has now been removed!!  They signed Konerko for FIVE YEARS!!  Getting Thome was also a good move, but was he worth letting Rowand go?  The jury will be out on that until next season.

I do believe the Sox have the potential to repeat, and I’ll be biting my nails all season in 2006.  The roster will not be changed all that much, so hey another wonderful season could be in the offing!  I hate to say this as he has been my favorite player for years, but I’m starting to wonder if Thomas is not too much of a liability to keep around.  He has been a premiere player for the Sox for many years, but the last few years it seems the injury bug is latched on to him and won’t let go.  I love watching Frank play, and have since he was a rookie, but he spends more time on the bench or on the DL than he does playing lately.  Could his contract monies be better utilized by signing some more new blood?


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    I’m a Yankees fan, and if I may, I’d like to draw a brief comparison. Bernie Williams was for years an anchor for the Yanks. Now, however, the time has come for a change. Even Ruth had to retire eventually. Frank Thomas was one of the most fearsome hitters to ever wear a Chicago uniform, but I think his time may have passed, as did Bernie’s (my prayers to the contrary not answered, I might add). Good luck with Thome.

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