Sore Losers?

What the heck was Barrett thinking when he slugged Pierzynski over the weekend?  I haven’t seen such a shameful display of bad sportsmanship in a LONG time!!  A.J. was just going to get his helmet, and Barrett assaults him for no reason. It was just a great play at the plate, and because he didn’t like the call (I’m guessing, but that’s the only plausible explanation) he attacks A. J.  It’s shameful to the sport, and he should have to publicly apologize, and should be suspended for at least 5 games and fined. I don’t think any other option is a choice because then you are saying this kind of behavior is acceptable for the league, and it should not be.

I hope Selig is lucid enough and has his head out long enough to address this issue in the proper manner. He’s done too much damage to this league and should step down in favor of someone competent. My two suggestions for Commissioner would be George Will or Bob Costas. Both know and love the game and would do a great job. Whatever happened to the days when the Commish was supposed to be an outsider with no vested interest in any team?  How many of you believe that Bud has NO dealings with his Brewers any longer? Let’s see a show of hands….


It’s Early (VERY Early!!)

The 2006 season is well underway, and already the Sox have us on the edge of our seats. After kind of a shaky start, it seems they are finally gaining some momentum. I was sure the Apocolypse was upon us with the Tigers and the Brewers sitting undefeated at the top of their respective divisions at the end of the first week, and then I remembered it was only the FIRST WEEK!! Then I opened another beer and relaxed.  It’s a long time until the Fall Classic….

As I sit and muse over the first several days of the season, I remember that in years past, teams hot out of the box usually fade by the All Star break, and the steady gainers usually win out in the end. I think our Sox are in the latter category, and are slowly building to that team we saw at the end of last season, blitzing their last few games and burning through the playoffs and the Series. It’s a long season, folks, and it may be a bumpy ride at times, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!

Opening Day (Night, actually!)

 Finally, the 2006 season is here.  Last night’s game was great (except for the almost three hour rain delay.)  It was great to watch the drubbing the Sox handed to the Tribe.  I must admit it was a little strange not to see Rowand, Thomas, and others not even on the roster anymore. But, alas, baseball’s faces change, but they’re still our Sox!! 

I have set up a chat board for White Sox fans.  Drop by and check it out. It’s free, and it’s a great place to vent.  Visit it at Pale Hose Nation . I look forward to seeing you there and chatting with you.

Goodbye Big Hurt!!

Well, it’s the end of an era. Frank Thomas (aka The Big Hurt) has left the White Sox, a team I thought he would finish his career playing for. Alas, with all the injuries and personal life distractions he has had the last few years, this move may be for the best. I will watch his time with the A’s with interest.

Aquiring Thome and shedding Thomas are probably the biggest moves we’ll see this offseason, both good. I’ll miss Frank, but he was sitting more than hitting, and his salary is better spent on some younger talent.

Paulie’s Back!!

My greatest fear in the offseason has now been removed!!  They signed Konerko for FIVE YEARS!!  Getting Thome was also a good move, but was he worth letting Rowand go?  The jury will be out on that until next season.

I do believe the Sox have the potential to repeat, and I’ll be biting my nails all season in 2006.  The roster will not be changed all that much, so hey another wonderful season could be in the offing!  I hate to say this as he has been my favorite player for years, but I’m starting to wonder if Thomas is not too much of a liability to keep around.  He has been a premiere player for the Sox for many years, but the last few years it seems the injury bug is latched on to him and won’t let go.  I love watching Frank play, and have since he was a rookie, but he spends more time on the bench or on the DL than he does playing lately.  Could his contract monies be better utilized by signing some more new blood?

What Curse???

It’s OVER!!  After 87 long years, our Sox are once again World Series Champions!!  The 1917 flag over Cellular One Ballpark will no longer fly alone.  The boys are bringing a 2005 flag to the park, a hard won and most well deserved 2005 flag!!  I’m still overcome by emotion and absolutely ******* ecstatic!!  This year had its moments, times when it looked like it all might fade away on the wind, but they always pulled it back together!

There is a scary trend here, though, my friends.  Last year the Botox Bosox, this year is our year, does that mean the CUBS are next??  God forbid!!  But the Sox curse is now put to rest, and Shoeless Joe can rest in peace.  Hats off to the 2005 White Sox World Series Champions!!